ASPTAX DSC Management from SAP

  • Create an invoice.
  • Then document processed to ASPTAX DSC monitor.
  • Select the invoice and send to signing.
  • The file will automatically be placed to the inbound folder of the DSC server
  • Then the file will be automatically signed and be placed in the outbound folder.
  • The document will be fetched automatically from the outbound folder respect to the business place and will be displayed in the ASPTAX DSC monitor.
  • The selected document is viewable directly in PDF reader without downloading.
  • Reports to get the complete records towards the signed documents.
  • Select and send the document directly to customer from SAP
  • Avoid manual upload and download.
SAP DSC Features

  • Select and send directly from SAP

  • Centralized monitor for all business places

  • Reports

  • Global access

  • Role based authorization