ASPTAX E-Way Bill Data Flow for SAP

Find out how e-way bill system works in SAP and keep track of all your e-way bill details in SAP ASP Cockpit.

  • Goods Issue or Generate Invoice in SAP.
  • Process the required invoices or delivery challans for the E-Way Bill Generation using SAP ASPTAX EWB Cockpit. This step can be integrated in the first step itself by implementing the available user exit / BADI.
  • ASPTAX Online System submit the bulk documents or document to EWB System for EWB generation.
  • Get the generated EWB numbers from EWB system (in the case of batch mode) and pass it on to SAP for further processing.
  • SAP will collect the generated EWB numbers from ASPTAX Online Portal and update the ASPTAX Tables against the Invoice / Delivery Challan.
  • SAP users can print the invoices with the EWB number included in the print by referring the EWB number from ASPTAX EWB Tables. Existing invoice print program to be adjusted to read EWB number from ASPTAX tables.
  • Issue the EWB printed invoice to transporter.
  • Transporter will download the EWB generated on their name and upload the truck details against each EWB.
  • ASPTAX online system will get the updated EWB detail (like truck details or inspection details etc…) periodically and share them to SAP.
  • SAP will digest the updates to ASPTAX tables and made available to viewin the EWB reports of ASPTAX EWB Cockpit.
SAP E-Way Bill Features

  • Generate/Create Document

  • Manage Documents in SAP

  • Download EWB

  • Print EWB Number in Invoice directly

  • Manage All EWB Details in SAP Level Including Vehicle Details