asptax Integration Kit

Obvious way to to file the GST Returns...

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In general all the ERP systems need a Data Extractor to extract sales and purchase Register data into prescribed file formats to integrate with Application Service Provider for GST filing. Asptax SAP Connector is a complete solution for GST returns process which is developed by Incresol an IT services provider in collaboration with couple SAP clients and group of CAs. Built a highly secured communication with GSTN system and all SAP-GSTN return activities are simplified and consolidated at one place.

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SAP GST Filing Software

SAP Integration Kit offers a dashboard to monitor overall GST return process and a centralized cockpit to configure required master data and GST related settings. Also it allows batch processing in scheduled times. Every activity performed in SAP Connector is logged and provides required reports for tracking and auditing purposes.
asptax SAP Integration Kit is built in considering high security standards, protected with OAuth 2.0 authorization protocol. And Data Protection and Security as per GSTN guidelines and global standards.

asptax SAP Integration Kit is ready to use solution with minimal implementation(depends on the customization of SAP System) and its a very easy to use and simplified solution in the market. Its cost effective and with minimal AMC charges.

GST Returns Automation

  • Automated document flow to ASP
  • Avoids human errors & Optimized resource utilization
  • Real time data exchange with ASP / GST
  • Secured data exchange

ERP Alerts / Notifications

  • Time or event based alerts
  • Ensures timely actions
  • Improved compliance rating

Data Management

  • Reconciliation options from ERP
  • All GST updates tracked in ERP
  • Complete GST returns data maintained in SAP
  • Dashboards / Reports at Org. & BP Level

Auditing and Troubleshooting

  • ERP & GST data together enabled easy troubleshooting
  • All the user actions and data changes are logged
  • History logs enable easy troubleshooting
  • Auditing of data using history logs